Visuddhimagga VI-44

Yassa pana evampi na upaṭṭhāti, tena sandhito vivarato ninnato thalato samantatoti punapi pañcavidhena nimittaṃ gahetabbaṃ.

假使这样依然不能显现,那么,他们必须再以关节(sandhito)、孔隙(vivarato)、凹部(ninnato)、凸部(thalato)、周围(samantato) [《解脱道论》「以节、以穴、以坑、以平地、以平等」。] 五法取相。

Ñ(VI,44): But if it does not appear to him even then, he should apprehend the sign again in five more ways: (7) by its joints, (8) by its openings, (9) by its concavities, (10) by its convexities, and (11) all round.

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