Visuddhimagga VI-84

Chavasarīraṃ hi paṭikkūlabhāvaṃ āpajjamānaṃ uddhumātakasabhāvappattaṃ vā siyā, vinīlakādīnaṃ vā aññatarasabhāvappattaṃ.


Ñ(VI,84): When a corpse has entered upon the repulsive state, it may have reached the individual essence of the bloated or any one of the individual essences beginning with that of the livid.

Iti yādisaṃ yādisaṃ sakkā hoti laddhuṃ, tādise tādise uddhumātakapaṭikkūlaṃ vinīlakapaṭikkūlanti evaṃ nimittaṃ gaṇhitabbamevāti sarīrasabhāvappattivasena dasadhā asubhappabhedo vuttoti veditabbo.


Ñ: So the sign should be apprehended as 'Repulsiveness of the bloated', 'Repulsiveness of the livid', according to whichever he has been able to find. This, it should be understood, is how the classification of foulness comes to be tenfold with the body's arrival at each particular individual essence.

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