Visuddhimagga VI-70

vinīlake ‘‘vinīlakapaṭikkūlaṃ vinīlakapaṭikkūla’’nti manasikāro pavattetabbo.



Ñ(VI,70): The livid should be brought to mind as 'Repulsiveness of the livid, repulsiveness of the livid'.

Uggahanimittañcettha kabarakabaravaṇṇaṃ hutvā upaṭṭhāti.


Ñ: Here the learning sign appears blotchy-coloured;

Paṭibhāganimittaṃ pana ussadavasena upaṭṭhāti.


Ñ: but the counterpart sign's appearance has the colour which is most prevalent.

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