Visuddhimagga VI-43

111. Yo pana purimabuddhānaṃ santike āsevitakammaṭṭhāno parihatadhutaṅgo parimadditamahābhūto pariggahitasaṅkhāro vavatthāpitanāmarūpo ugghāṭitasattasañño katasamaṇadhammo vāsitavāsano bhāvitabhāvano sabījo ñāṇuttaro appakileso kulaputto, tassa olokitolokitaṭṭhāneyeva paṭibhāganimittaṃ upaṭṭhāti.

其次如已亲近过去诸佛,曾习业处,行头陀支,思惟(地水火风的)大种,把握(无常、苦、无我)诸行,观察(缘起的)名色,除有情想,行沙门法 [PTS 185],熏习其(善的)熏习,修其所修,得(解脱)种子,具上智而少烦恼的善男子,见其所见的尸体处,即得显现似相。

Ñ(VI,43): But when a clansman has cultivated the meditation subject under former Enlightened Ones, kept the ascetic practices, threshed out the great primary elements, discerned formations, defined mentality-materiality, eliminated the perception of a being, done the ascetic's [185] duties, lived the moral life, and developed the development, when he contains the seed [of turning away from formations], and has mature knowledge and little defilement, then the counterpart sign appears to him in the place while he keeps looking.

No ce evaṃ upaṭṭhāti, athevaṃ chabbidhena nimittaṃ gaṇhato upaṭṭhāti.


Ñ: If it does not appear in that way, then it appears to him as he is apprehending the sign in the six ways.

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