Visuddhimagga XII-113

Bhagavā ‘‘moggallāna, manasikarohi mahiddhiko esa nāgo’’ti āha.


Ñ(XII,113): The Blessed One said, 'Moggallāna, Moggallāna, beware; this is a mighty nāga'.

Thero ‘‘mayhaṃ kho, bhante, cattāro iddhipādā bhāvitā bahulīkatā yānīkatā vatthukatā anuṭṭhitā paricitā susamāraddhā, tiṭṭhatu, bhante, nandopanando, ahaṃ nandopanandasadisānaṃ nāgarājānaṃ satampi sahassampi satasahassampi dameyya’’nti āha.


Ñ: The elder said, 'Venerable sir, the four roads to power have been developed by me, repeatedly practised, made the vehicle, made the basis, established, consolidated, and properly undertaken. I can tame not only Nandopananda, venerable sir, but a hundred, a thousand, a hundred thousand royal nāgas like Nandopananda'.

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