Visuddhimagga XII-121

Tattha ko dūraṃ gahetvā santikaṃ akāsīti? Bhagavā.


Ñ(XII,121): Herein, who has taken what was far and made it near? The Blessed One.

Bhagavā hi yamakapāṭihāriyāvasāne devalokaṃ gacchanto yugandharañca sineruñca santike katvā pathavītalato ekapādaṃ yugandhare patiṭṭhapetvā dutiyaṃ sinerumatthake ṭhapesi.

即世尊行了双神变后而去天界时,曾缩近持双山与须弥山,从地面出发,[PTS 403] 一足踏在持双山上,另一足便置于须弥山顶。

Ñ: For when the Blessed One was going to the divine world after the Twin Miracle, he made Yugandhara and Sineru near, and from the earth's surface he set one foot [403] on Yugandhara, and then he set the other on the summit of Sineru.

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