Visuddhimagga XII-122

Añño ko akāsi? Mahāmoggallānatthero.


Ñ(XII,122): Who else has done it? The Elder Mahā-Moggallāna.

Thero hi sāvatthito bhattakiccaṃ katvā nikkhantaṃ dvādasayojanikaṃ parisaṃ tiṃsayojanaṃ saṅkassanagaramaggaṃ saṅkhipitvā taṅkhaṇaññeva sampāpesi.


Ñ: For when the elder was leaving Sāvatthī after completing his meal, he abridged the twelve-league crowd and the thirty-league road to the city of Saṅkassa, and he arrived at the same moment.

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