Visuddhimagga XII-134

Evaṃ adissamānena kāyena gacchanto panāyaṃ kiṃ tassa adhiṭṭhānacittassa uppādakkhaṇe gacchati, udāhu ṭhitikkhaṇe bhaṅgakkhaṇe vāti vutte tīsupi khaṇesu gacchatīti thero āha.


Ñ(XII,134): When it was asked, 'As he goes with an invisible body thus, does he go at the moment of the resolution-consciousness's arising or at the moment of its presence or at the moment of its dissolution?', an elder replied, 'He goes in all three moments'.

Kiṃ pana so sayaṃ gacchati nimmitaṃ pesetīti. Yathāruci karoti.


Ñ: —'But does he go himself, or does he send a creation?'—'He does as he pleases.

Idha panassa sayaṃ gamanameva āgataṃ.


Ñ: But here it is only the going himself that has been given [in the text]'.

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