Visuddhimagga XII-128

Na kevalañca thokassa bahukaraṇaṃ, madhuraṃ amadhuraṃ, amadhuraṃ madhurantiādīsupi yaṃ yaṃ icchati, sabbaṃ iddhimato ijjhati.


Ñ(XII,128): And not only in the case of making little much, but whatever the possessor of supernormal power wishes, whether to make the sweet unsweet, etc., it is successful for him.

Tathā hi mahāanuḷatthero nāma sambahule bhikkhū piṇḍāya caritvā sukkhabhattameva labhitvā gaṅgātīre nisīditvā paribhuñjamāne disvā gaṅgāya udakaṃ sappimaṇḍanti adhiṭṭhahitvā sāmaṇerānaṃ saññaṃ adāsi.


Ñ: For so it was that when the Elder Mahā-Anula saw many bhikkhus sitting on the banks of the Gangā River [in Ceylon] eating plain rice, which was all that they had got after doing their alms round, he resolved, 'Let Gangā River water be cream of ghee', and he gave a sign to the novices.

Te thālakehi āharitvā bhikkhusaṅghassa adaṃsu. Sabbe madhurena sappimaṇḍena bhuñjiṃsūti.


Ñ: They fetched it in their vessels and gave it to the Community of Bhikkhus. All of them ate their meal with sweet cream of ghee.

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