Visuddhimagga XIII-14

Anekavihitanti anekavidhaṃ, anekehi vā pakārehi pavattitaṃ, saṃvaṇṇitanti attho.


Ñ(XIII,14): Manifold: of many kinds: or that has occurred in many ways. Given in detail, is the meaning.

Pubbenivāsanti samanantarātītabhavaṃ ādiṃ katvā tattha tattha nivutthasantānaṃ.


Ñ: Past life is the continuity lived here and there, taking the immediately previous existence as the beginning [and working backwards].

Anussaratīti khandhapaṭipāṭivasena cutipaṭisandhivasena vā anugantvā anugantvā sarati.


Ñ: He recollects: he recalls it, following it out by the succession of aggregates, or by death and rebirth-linking.

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