Visuddhimagga XII-120

Tattha dūrepi santike adhiṭṭhātīti pādakajjhānato vuṭṭhāya dūre devalokaṃ vā brahmalokaṃ vā āvajjati santike hotūti.


Ñ(XII,120): Herein, though far, he resolves upon nearness: having emerged from the basic jhāna, he adverts to a far-off world of the gods or to the Brahmā-world thus, 'Let it be near'.

Āvajjitvā parikammaṃ katvā puna samāpajjitvā ñāṇena adhiṭṭhāti santike hotūti, santike hoti.


Ñ: Having adverted and done the preliminary work, he attains again, and then resolves with knowledge: 'Let it be near'. It becomes near.

Esa nayo sesapadesupi.


Ñ: The same method of explanation applies to the other clauses too.

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