Visuddhimagga XII-132

Evaṃ gacchanto ca sace icchati pathavīkasiṇavasena ākāse maggaṃ nimminitvā padasā gacchati.


Ñ(XII,132): As he goes thus, if he wishes, he creates a path in space by means of the earth kasiṇa and goes on foot.

Sace icchati vāyokasiṇavasena vāyuṃ adhiṭṭhahitvā tūlapicu viya vāyunā gacchati.


Ñ: If he wishes, he resolves by means of the air kasiṇa that there shall be air, and he goes by air like a tuft of cotton.

Apica gantukāmatā eva ettha pamāṇaṃ.


Ñ: Moreover, the desire to go is the measure here.

‘‘Sati hi gantukāmatāya’’ evaṃ katacittādhiṭṭhāno adhiṭṭhānavegukkhittova so issāsakhittasaro viya dissamāno gacchati.

因有欲去之时,他便如是决意,由决意之力而投之,其可见之身而上梵界,如射手放箭一样。[PTS 405]

Ñ: When there is the desire to go, one who has made his mental resolve in this way goes visibly, carried by the force of the resolution like an arrow shot by an archer. [405]

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