Visuddhimagga XII-117

Iti imaṃ imasmiṃ nandopanandadamane kataṃ mahantaṃ attabhāvaṃ sandhāyetaṃ vuttaṃ ‘‘yadā mahantaṃ attabhāvaṃ karoti, tadā mahantaṃ hoti mahāmoggallānattherassa viyā’’ti.


Ñ(XII,117): So it was with reference to this enlarged form created during this taming of Nandopananda that it was said: 'When he makes his body big, does it not then become big, as in the case of the Elder Mahā-Moggallāna?' (§105).

Evaṃ vuttepi bhikkhū upādiṇṇakaṃ nissāya anupādiṇṇakameva vaḍḍhatīti āhaṃsu.


Ñ: Although this was said, the bhikkhus observed, 'He enlarges only what is not clung to supported by what is clung to'.

Ayameva cettha yutti.


Ñ: And only this is correct here.

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