Visuddhimagga XIII-10

Evaṃ thāmagate hi tasmiṃ anukkamena sabbampi kāmāvacaracittaṃ rūpāvacarārūpāvacaracittañca pajānāti cittā cittameva saṅkamanto vināpi hadayarūpadassanena.


Ñ(XIII,10): It is when it has been consolidated in this way that he can gradually get to understand not only all manner of sense-sphere consciousness but those of fine-material and immaterial consciousness as well by tracing one [manner of] consciousness from another without any more seeing the physical heart's matter.

Vuttampi cetaṃ aṭṭhakathāyaṃ ‘‘āruppe parassa cittaṃ jānitukāmo kassa hadayarūpaṃ passati, kassindriyavikāraṃ oloketīti?


Ñ: For this is said in the Commentary: 'When he wants to know another's [manner of] consciousness in the immaterial modes, whose physical-heart matter can he observe? Whose material alteration [originated] by the faculties can he look at?

Na kassaci.


Ñ: No one's.

Iddhimato visayo esa yadidaṃ yattha katthaci cittaṃ āvajjanto soḷasappabhedaṃ cittaṃ jānāti.

当知神通者的境界,只要他念虑三界中任何一处的心,便能知道十六种心 。

Ñ: The province of a possessor of supernormal power is [simply] this, namely, wherever the [manner of] consciousness he adverts to is, there he knows it according to these sixteen classes'.

Akatābhinivesassa pana vasena ayaṃ kathā’’ti.


Ñ: But this explanation [by means of the physical heart] is for one who has not [yet] done any interpreting.

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