Visuddhimagga I-35

Tatiyattike yaṃ dukesu nissitanti vuttaṃ, taṃ taṇhādiṭṭhīhi parāmaṭṭhattā parāmaṭṭhaṃ.

3)(执取、不执取、安息)于第三种三法中: 如前二种法中所说的依止,因他以爱见而执取,故名「执取(戒)」。

Ñ(I,35): 11. In the third triad the virtue that in the dyads was called dependent (no. 5) is adhered-to because it is adhered-to through craving and [false] view.

Puthujjanakalyāṇakassa maggasambhārabhūtaṃ sekkhānañca maggasampayuttaṃ aparāmaṭṭhaṃ.


Ñ: That practised by the magnanimous ordinary man as the prerequisite of the path, and that associated with the path in Trainers, are not-adhered-to.

Sekkhāsekkhānaṃ phalasampayuttaṃ paṭippassaddhanti evaṃ parāmaṭṭhādivasena tividhaṃ.


Ñ: That associated with trainers' and non-trainers' fruition is tranquillized. So it is of three kinds as adhered-to, and so on.

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