Visuddhimagga I-50

Katamo ārakkhagocaro?


Ñ(I,50): What is (proper) resort as guarding?

Idha bhikkhu antaragharaṃ paviṭṭho vīthiṃ paṭipanno okkhittacakkhu yugamattadassāvī susaṃvuto gacchati, na hatthiṃ olokento, na assaṃ, na rathaṃ, na pattiṃ, na itthiṃ, na purisaṃ olokento, na uddhaṃ ullokento, na adho olokento, na disāvidisaṃ pekkhamāno gacchati, ayaṃ vuccati ārakkhagocaro.


Ñ: Here 'A bhikkhu, having entered inside a house, having gone into a street, goes with downcast eyes, seeing the length of a plough yoke, restrained, not looking at an elephant, not looking at a horse, a carriage, a pedestrian, a woman, a man, not looking up, not looking down, not staring this way and that' (Nd. 1,474). This is called (proper) resort as guarding.

Sayādaw U Sīlānanda: [inside a house => a village, ]; [plough].

Han: Mahāsī Sayādaw = a village.

Sayādaw gave the length in Burmese measure which is equivalent to 72 inches.

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