Visuddhimagga I-54

Na nimittaggāhīti itthipurisanimittaṃ vā subhanimittādikaṃ vā kilesavatthubhūtaṃ nimittaṃ na gaṇhāti, diṭṭhamatteyeva saṇṭhāti.


Ñ(I,54): Apprehends neither the signs: he does not apprehend the sign of woman or man, or any sign that is a basis for defilement such as the sign of beauty, etc.; he stops at what is merely seen.

Nānubyañjanaggāhīti kilesānaṃ anuanubyañjanato pākaṭabhāvakaraṇato anubyañjananti laddhavohāraṃ hatthapādasitahasitakathitavilokitādibhedaṃ ākāraṃ na gaṇhāti, yaṃ tattha bhūtaṃ, tadeva gaṇhāti, cetiyapabbatavāsī mahātissatthero viya.


Ñ: Nor the particulars: he does not apprehend any aspect classed as hand, foot, smile, laughter, talk, looking ahead, looking aside, etc., which has acquired the name 'particular' (anubyañjana) because of its particularizing (anu anu byañjanato) defilements, because of its making them manifest themselves. He only apprehends what is really there. Like the Elder Maha-Tissa who dwelt at Cetiyapabbata.

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