Visuddhimagga I-63

‘‘Tattha katamā nemittikatā? Lābhasakkārasilokasannissitassa pāpicchassa icchāpakatassa yaṃ paresaṃ nimittaṃ nimittakammaṃ obhāso obhāsakammaṃ sāmantajappā parikathā, ayaṃ vuccati nemittikatā.


Ñ(I,63): 'Herein, what is hinting(nemittikatā)? A sign to others, giving a sign, indication, giving indication, indirect talk, roundabout talk, on the part of one bent on gain, honour and renown, of one of evil wishes, a prey to wishes - this is called hinting.

Han: The nearest English meaning of the Burmese translation of 'icchāpakato' is: “afflicted by desires” or “oppressed by desires”.

This time, the English translation and Burmese translation are the same, but the Note indicates both verbal and bodily actions [and not just talking].

hinting (nemittikatā) hinting.
a sign (nimittaṃ) a sign [to remind the follower to give donation].
giving a sign (nimittakammaṃ) the act of giving a sign.
indication (obhāso) indication of what he wants.
giving indication (obhāsakammaṃ) the act of giving indication of what he wants.
indirect talk (sāmantajappā) speaking of something which relates indirectly to what he wants.
roundabout talk (parikathā) to speak in a circles around what he wants.

Note: The speaking (verbal action) and the indications by (bodily action) constitute (nemittikatā).

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