Visuddhimagga I-37

Pañcamattike catūhi ariyamaggehi tīhi ca sāmaññaphalehi sampayuttaṃ sīlaṃ sekkhaṃ.


Ñ(I,37): 13. In the fifth triad the virtue associated with the four paths and with the [first] three fruitions is that of the trainer.

Chew: Arahattamaggaṭṭha beings is still called the trainer.

Han: Yes, Nos. (1) to (7) below are sekha.

(1) Sotāpatti-magga

(2) Sotāpatti-phala

(3) Sakadāgāmi-magga

(4) Sakadāgāmi-phala

(5) Anāgāmi-magga

(6) Anāgāmi-phala

(7) Arahatta-magga

(8) Arahatta-phala

Arahattaphalasampayuttaṃ asekkhaṃ. Sesaṃ nevasekkhanāsekkhanti evaṃ sekkhādivasena tividhaṃ.


Ñ: That associated with the fruition of Arahantship is that of the non-trainer. The remaining kinds are that of the neither-trainer-nor-non-trainer. So it is of three kinds as that of the Trainer, and so on.

Chew: Only the Arahattaphalaṭṭha beings is called the non-trainer.

Han: Yes, only No (8) above is asekha.

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