Visuddhimagga I-74

Ukkācanāti ‘‘etaṃ kulaṃ maṃyeva jānāti. Sace ettha deyyadhammo uppajjati, mayhameva detī’’ti


Ñ(I,74): Suggesting is insinuating by specifying thus, 'That family alone understands me; if there is anything to be given there, they give it to me only';

Sayādaw U Sīlānanda: [alone understands me => knows me only].

evaṃ ukkhipitvā kācanā ukkācanā, uddīpanāti vuttaṃ hoti.


Ñ: pointing to, is what is meant.

Han: The above is not clear to me.

Burmese translation = Speaking in praise of the good quality (guṇa) of the dāyaka. That is what is meant by "ukkācanā".

ukkhipitvā = Bur Dic: lifting up.

ukkācanā = Bur Dic: spoken in praise of virtue; quality (guṇa).

uddīpanā : [f.] explanation.

vutta: [pp. of vadati] spoken; said; told.

Telakandarikavatthu cettha vattabbaṃ.


Ñ: And here the story of the oil-seller should be told.

Sabbatobhāgena pana punappunaṃ ukkācanā samukkācanā.


Ñ: Suggesting in all ways again and again is continual suggesting.

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