Visuddhimagga IX-108

Etāsu hi yasmā mettā byāpādabahulassa,


Ñ(IX,108): For among these, lovingkindness is the way to purity for one who has much ill will,

karuṇā vihesābahulassa,


Ñ: compassion is that for one who has much cruelty,

muditā aratibahulassa,


Ñ: gladness is that for one who has much aversion (boredom),

upekkhā rāgabahulassa visuddhimaggo.


Ñ: and equanimity is that for one who has much greed.

Yasmā ca hitūpasaṃhāraahitāpanayanasampattimodanaanābhogavasena catubbidhoyeva sattesu manasikāro.


Ñ: Also attention given to beings is only fourfold, that is to say, as bringing welfare, as removing suffering, as being glad at their success, and as unconcern, [that is to say, impartial neutrality].

Yasmā ca yathā mātā daharagilānayobbanappattasakiccapasutesu catūsu puttesu daharassa abhivuḍḍhikāmā hoti,


Ñ: And one abiding in the measureless states should practise lovingkindness and the rest like a mother with four sons, namely, a child, an invalid, one in the flush of youth, and one busy with his own affairs; for she wants the child to grow up,

gilānassa gelaññāpanayanakāmā,


Ñ: wants the invalid to get well,

yobbanappattassa yobbanasampattiyā ciraṭṭhitikāmā,


Ñ: wants the one in the flush of youth to enjoy for long the benefits of youth,

sakakiccapasutassa kismiñci pariyāye abyāvaṭā hoti,


Ñ: and is not at all bothered about the one who is busy with his own affairs.

tathā appamaññāvihārikenāpi sabbasattesu mettādivasena bhavitabbaṃ.



Notes: the English translation is above 'one abiding in the measureless states should practise lovingkindness and the rest'.

Tasmā ito visuddhimaggādivasā catassova appamaññā.


Ñ: That is why the measureless states are only four as 'due to paths to purity and other sets of four'.

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