Visuddhimagga IX-113

So māhevantissa vacanīyo. Evañhi sati kāyānupassanādayopi catukkapañcakajjhānikā siyuṃ,


Ñ(IX,113): He should be told: 'Do not put it like that. For if that were so, then contemplation of the body, etc., would also have quadruple and quintuple jhāna.

vedanādīsu ca paṭhamajjhānampi natthi, pageva dutiyādīni.


Ñ: But there is not even the first jhāna in the contemplation of feeling or in the other two.

Tasmā byañjanacchāyāmattaṃ gahetvā mā bhagavantaṃ abbhācikkhi, gambhīraṃ hi buddhavacanaṃ, taṃ ācariye payirupāsitvā adhippāyato gahetabbaṃ.


Ñ: So do not misrepresent the Blessed One by adherence to the letter. The Enlightened One's word is profound and should be taken as it is intended, giving due weight to the teachers'.

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