Visuddhimagga X-10

Tassevaṃ punappunaṃ āvajjayato manasikaroto pathavīkasiṇādīsu rūpāvacaracittaṃ viya ākāse ākāsānañcāyatanacittaṃ appeti.


Ñ(X,10): As he again and again adverts to it and gives attention to it in this way, consciousness belonging to the base consisting of boundless space arises in absorption with the space [as its object], as the consciousness belonging to the fine-material sphere did in the case of the earth kasiṇa, and so on.

Idhāpi hi purimabhāge tīṇi cattāri vā javanāni kāmāvacarāni upekkhāvedanāsampayuttāneva honti.


Ñ: And here too in the prior stage there are either three or four sensual-sphere impulsions associated with equanimous feeling,

Catutthaṃ pañcamaṃ vā arūpāvacaraṃ.


Ñ: while the fourth or the fifth is of the immaterial sphere.

Sesaṃ pathavīkasiṇe vuttanayameva.


Ñ: The rest is the same as in the case of the earth kasiṇa (Ch. IV, §74).

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