Visuddhimagga IX-116

Tassattho – yadā te bhikkhu ayaṃ mūlasamādhi evaṃ mettāvasena bhāvito hoti, tadā tvaṃ tāvatakenāpi tuṭṭhiṃ anāpajjitvāva imaṃ mūlasamādhiṃ aññesupi ārammaṇesu catukkapañcakajjhānāni pāpayamāno savitakkampi savicārantiādinā nayena bhāveyyāsīti.


Ñ(IX,116): The meaning is this: 'Bhikkhu, when this basic concentration has been developed by you by means of lovingkindness, then, instead of resting content with just that much, you should make this basic concentration reach quadruple and quintuple jhāna in other objects by [further] developing it in the way beginning "With applied thought" '.

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