Visuddhimagga X-18

Atha vā kiñcāpi tā rūpāvacaraṃ samāpannassāpi na santi, atha kho na pahīnattā na santi.


Ñ(X,18): Or alternatively, though these are also not to be found in one who has attained the fine-material sphere, still their not being there is not due to their having been abandoned;

Na hi rūpavirāgāya rūpāvacarabhāvanā saṃvattati,


Ñ: for development of the fine-material sphere does not lead to fading of greed for materiality,

rūpāyattā ca etāsaṃ pavatti.


Ñ: and the occurrence of those [fine-material jhānas] is actually dependent on materiality.

Ayaṃ pana bhāvanā rūpavirāgāya saṃvattati.


Ñ: But this development [of the immaterial] does lead to the fading of greed for materiality.

Tasmā tā ettha pahīnāti vattuṃ vaṭṭati.


Ñ: Therefore it is allowable to say that they are actually abandoned here;

Na kevalañca vattuṃ, ekaṃseneva evaṃ dhāretumpi vaṭṭati.


Ñ: and not only to say it, but to maintain it absolutely.

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