Visuddhimagga IX-117

Evaṃ vatvā ca puna karuṇādiavasesabrahmavihārapubbaṅgamampissa aññesu ārammaṇesu catukkapañcakajjhānavasena bhāvanaṃ kareyyāsīti dassento ‘‘yato kho te bhikkhu ayaṃ samādhi evaṃ bhāvito hoti bahulīkato. Tato te bhikkhu evaṃ sikkhitabbaṃ karuṇā me cetovimuttī’’tiādimāha.


Ñ(IX,117): And having spoken thus, he further said: 'As soon as this concentration has been thus developed by you, bhikkhu, and frequently practised, then you should train thus: "The mind-deliverance of compassion will be developed by me … " ' (A.iv,300), etc., pointing out that 'you should effect its [further] development by means of quadruple and quintuple jhāna in other objects, this [further] development being preceded by the remaining divine abidings of compassion and the rest'.

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