Visuddhimagga X-7

Ugghāṭento hi neva kilañjaṃ viya saṃvelleti, na kapālato pūvaṃ viya uddharati, kevalaṃ pana taṃ neva āvajjeti, na manasi karoti, na paccavekkhati,


Ñ(X,7): When he is removing it, he neither folds it up like a mat nor withdraws it like a cake from a tin. It is simply that he does not advert to it or give attention to it or review it;

anāvajjento amanasikaronto apaccavekkhanto ca aññadatthu tena phuṭṭhokāsaṃ ‘‘ākāso ākāso’’ti manasikaronto kasiṇaṃ ugghāṭeti nāma.


Ñ: it is when he neither adverts to it nor gives attention to it nor reviews it, but gives his attention exclusively to the space touched by it, [regarding that] as 'space, space', that he is said to 'remove the kasiṇa'.

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