Visuddhimagga X-19

Tāsañhi ito pubbe appahīnattāyeva paṭhamaṃ jhānaṃ samāpannassa saddo ‘‘kaṇṭako’’ti (a. ni. 10.72) vutto bhagavatā.


Ñ(X,19): In fact it is because they have not been abandoned already before this that it was said by the Blessed One that sound is a thorn to one who has the first jhāna (A.v,135).

Idha ca pahīnattāyeva arūpasamāpattīnaṃ āneñjatā (vibha. 226) santavimokkhatā (ma. ni. 1.66) ca vuttā.


Ñ: And it is precisely because they are abandoned here that the imperturbability (see Vbh. 135) of the immaterial attainments and their state of peaceful liberation are mentioned (M.i,33),

Āḷāro ca kālāmo arūpasamāpanno pañcamattāni sakaṭasatāni nissāya nissāya atikkamantāni neva addasa, na pana saddaṃ assosīti (dī. ni. 2.192).


Ñ: and that Āḷāra Kālāma neither saw the five hundred carts that passed close by him nor heard the sound of them while he was in an immaterial attainment (D.ii,130).

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