Visuddhimagga X-8

Kasiṇampi ugghāṭiyamānaṃ neva ubbaṭṭati na vivaṭṭati, kevalaṃ imassa amanasikārañca ‘‘ākāso ākāso’’ti manasikārañca paṭicca ugghāṭitaṃ nāma hoti,


Ñ(X,8): And when the kasiṇa is being removed, it does not roll up or roll away. It is simply that it is called 'removed' on account of his non-attention to it, his attention being given to 'space, space'.

kasiṇugghāṭimākāsamattaṃ paññāyati.


Ñ: This is conceptualized as the mere space left by the removal of the kasiṇa [materiality].

Kasiṇugghāṭimākāsanti vā kasiṇaphuṭṭhokāsoti vā kasiṇavivittākāsanti vā sabbametaṃ ekameva.

「除去遍的虚空」或「遍所触的空间」或「离遍的虚空」都是同样的。[PTS 328]

Ñ: Whether it is called 'space left by the removal of the kasiṇa' or 'space touched by the kasiṇa' or 'space secluded from the kasiṇa', it is all the same.

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