Visuddhimagga IX-99

Karuṇābrahmavihārassa ‘‘cakkhuviññeyyānaṃ rūpānaṃ iṭṭhānaṃ kantānaṃ manāpānaṃ manoramānaṃ lokāmisapaṭisaṃyuttānaṃ appaṭilābhaṃ vā appaṭilābhato samanupassato pubbe vā paṭiladdhapubbaṃ atītaṃ niruddhaṃ vipariṇataṃ samanussarato uppajjati domanassaṃ, yaṃ evarūpaṃ domanassaṃ, idaṃ vuccati gehasitaṃ domanassa’’ntiādinā (ma. ni. 3.307) nayena āgataṃ gehasitaṃ domanassaṃ vipattidassanasabhāgatāya āsannapaccatthikaṃ.


Ñ(IX,99): Compassion has grief based on the home life as its near enemy, since both share in seeing failure. Such grief has been described in the way beginning, 'When a man either regards as a privation failure to obtain visible objects cognizable by the eye that are sought after, desired, agreeable, gratifying and associated with worldliness, or when he recalls those formerly obtained that are past, ceased and changed, then grief arises in him. Such grief as this is called grief based on the home life' (M.iii,218).

Sabhāgavisabhāgatāya vihiṃsā dūrapaccatthikā.


Ñ: And cruelty, which is dissimilar to the similar grief, is its far enemy.

Tasmā tato nibbhayena karuṇāyitabbaṃ. Karuṇañca nāma karissati, pāṇiādīhi ca viheṭhissatīti aṭṭhānametaṃ.


Ñ: So compassion must be practised free from fear of that; for it is not possible to practise compassion and be cruel to breathing things simultaneously.

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