Visuddhimagga X-22

Saṅkhepato cettha rūpasaññānaṃ samatikkamāti iminā sabbarūpāvacaradhammānaṃ pahānaṃ vuttaṃ.


Ñ(X,22): And here briefly it should be understood that the abandoning of all fine-material-sphere states is signified by the words with the surmounting of perceptions of matter,

Paṭighasaññānaṃ atthaṅgamā nānattasaññānaṃ amanasikārāti iminā sabbesaṃ kāmāvacaracittacetasikānaṃ pahānañca amanasikāro ca vuttoti veditabbo.


Ñ: and the abandoning of and non-attention to all sense-sphere consciousness and its concomitants is signified by the words with the disappearance of perceptions of resistance, with non-attention to perceptions of variety.

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