Visuddhimagga IX-110

Yasmā pana sabbāpetā appamāṇe gocare pavattanti.


Ñ(IX,110): All of them, however, occur with a measureless scope,

Appamāṇā hi sattā etāsaṃ gocarabhūtā.


Ñ: for their scope is measureless beings;

Ekasattassāpi ca ettake padese mettādayo bhāvetabbāti evaṃ pamāṇaṃ agahetvā sakalapharaṇavaseneva pavattāti.


Ñ: and instead of assuming a measure such as 'Lovingkindness, etc., should be developed only towards a single being, or in an area of such an extent', they occur with universal pervasion.

Tena vuttaṃ –

是故说道: [PTS 322]

Ñ: That is why it was said: [322]

Visuddhimaggādivasā catasso,

Hitādiākāravasā panāsaṃ;

Kamo pavattanti ca appamāṇe,

Tā gocare yena tadappamaññāti.





Ñ: 'Their number four is due to paths to purity

And other sets of four, their order to their aim

As welfare and the rest. Their scope is found to be

Immeasurable, so "measureless states" their name'.

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