Visuddhimagga III-106

Upacārappanāvahatoti ṭhapetvā kāyagatāsatiñca ānāpānassatiñca avasesā aṭṭha anussatiyo, āhāre paṭikūlasaññā, catudhātuvavatthānanti imāneva hettha dasakammaṭṭhānāni upacāravahāni. Sesāni appanāvahāni. Evaṃ upacārappanāvahato.

2)「依近行与安止的导入」── 于四十业处之中除了身随念与入出息随念之外,其余的八随念及食厌想并四界差别的十种业处为近行的导入,其它的(三十业处)为安止的导入。如是依近行与安止的导入而决择业处。

Ñ(III,106): 2. As to which bring access only and which absorption: the eight recollections —— excepting mindfulness occupied with the body and mindfulness of breathing ——, the perception of repulsiveness in nutriment, and the defining of the four elements, are ten meditation subjects that bring access only. The others bring absorption. This is 'as to which bring access only and which absorption'.

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