Visuddhimagga IV-4

Navavihāre bahu navakammaṃ hoti, akarontaṃ ujjhāyanti. Yattha pana bhikkhū evaṃ vadanti ‘‘āyasmā yathāsukhaṃ samaṇadhammaṃ karotu, mayaṃ navakammaṃ karissāmā’’ti evarūpe vihātabbaṃ.


Ñ(IV,4): 2. In a new monastery there is much new building activity. People criticize someone who takes no part in it. But he can live in such a monastery where the bhikkhus say, 'Let the venerable one do the ascetic's duties as much as he likes. We shall see to the building work'.

Sayādaw U Sīlānanda: 'the ascetic's duties' means practising of meditation.

Han: It is the translation from [samaṇadhammaṃ karotu] which Mahāsī Sayādaw translated as monk-duties. The monk-duties may be more than the practice of meditation.

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