Visuddhimagga IV-26

56. Tasmā evaṃ vuttappamāṇaparicchedaṃ katvā rukkhapāṇikā visabhāgavaṇṇaṃ samuṭṭhapeti. Tasmā taṃ aggahetvā pāsāṇapāṇikāya ghaṃsetvā samaṃ bherītalasadisaṃ katvā taṃ ṭhānaṃ sammajjitvā nhatvā āgantvā kasiṇamaṇḍalato aḍḍhateyyahatthantare padese paññatte vidatthicaturaṅgulapādake suatthate pīṭhe nisīditabbaṃ.



Ñ(IV,26): So, having thus made it delimited and of the size prescribed, he should scrape it down with a stone trowel —— a wooden trowel turns it a bad colour, so that should not be employed —— and make it as even as the surface of a drum. Then he should sweep the place out and have a bath. On his return he should seat himself on a well-covered chair with legs a span and four fingers high, prepared in a place that is two and a half cubits [that is, two and a half times elbow to finger-tip] from the kasiṇa disk.

Tato dūratare nisinnassa hi kasiṇaṃ na upaṭṭhāti, āsannatare kasiṇadosā paññāyanti.


Ñ: For the kasiṇa does not appear plainly to him if he sits further off than that; and if he sits nearer than that, faults in the kasiṇa appear.

Uccatare nisinnena gīvaṃ onamitvā oloketabbaṃ hoti, nīcatare jaṇṇukāni rujanti.


Ñ: If he sits higher up, he has to look at it with his neck bent; and if he sits lower down, his knees ache.

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