Visuddhimagga III-129

Tadadhimuttatāya pana adhimuttisampannena bhavitabbaṃ.


Ñ(III,129): He should be whole-heartedly resolved on that.

Samādhādhimuttena samādhigarukena samādhipabbhārena, nibbānādhimuttena nibbānagarukena nibbānapabbhārena ca bhavitabbanti attho.

即以定的胜解定的尊重定的趋向 [PTS 117] 及涅盘的胜解涅盘的尊重涅盘的趋向之义。

Ñ: The meaning is [117] that he should be resolved upon concentration, respect concentration, incline to concentration, be resolved upon nibbāna, respect nibbāna, incline to nibbāna.

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