Visuddhimagga IV-6

Panthanissite mahāpathavihāre rattindivaṃ āgantukā sannipatanti. Vikāle āgatānaṃ attano senāsanaṃ datvā rukkhamūle vā pāsāṇapiṭṭhe vā vasitabbaṃ hoti. Punadivasepi evamevāti kammaṭṭhānassa okāso na hoti. Yattha pana evarūpo āgantukasambādho na hoti, tattha vihātabbaṃ.


Ñ(IV,6): 4. In a monastery with a nearby road, by a main street, visitors keep arriving night and day. He has to give up his own lodging to those who come late, and he has to go and live at the root of a tree or on top of a rock. And next day it is the same. So there is no opportunity [to practise] his meditation subject. But he can live in one where there is no such disturbance by visitors.

Chew: 则无[修习]业处的机会了.

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