Visuddhimagga III-116

Sesāni animittattā.


Ñ(III,116): The rest need not be extended because they have no sign.

Paṭibhāganimittañhi vaḍḍhetabbaṃ nāma bhaveyya.


Ñ: For it is the counterpart sign that would be extendable,

Buddhānussatiādīnañca neva paṭibhāganimittaṃ ārammaṇaṃ hoti, tasmā taṃ na vaḍḍhetabbanti evaṃ vaḍḍhanāvaḍḍhanato.


Ñ: and the object of the recollection of the Buddha, etc., is not a counterpart sign. Consequently there is no need for extension there. This is 'as to extension and non-extension'.

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