Visuddhimagga IV-9

Yattha nānāvidhaṃ ambajambupanasādiphalaṃ hoti, tattha phalatthikā āgantvā yācanti, adentassa kujjhanti, balakkārena vā gaṇhanti, sāyanhasamaye vihāramajjhe caṅkamantena te disvā ‘‘kiṃ upāsakā evaṃ karothā’’ti vuttā yathāruci akkosanti. Avāsāyapissa parakkamanti.


Ñ(IV,9): 8. Where there are many sorts of fruits such as mangoes, rose-apples and jack-fruits, people who want fruits come and ask for them, and they get angry if he does not give them any, or they take them by force. When walking in the monastery in the evening he sees them and asks, 'Why do you do so, lay followers?', they abuse him as they please and even try to evict him.

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