Visuddhimagga III-92

Yathā sammajjane, evaṃ cīvaradhovanarajanādīsupi sabbakiccesu nipuṇamadhurasamasakkaccakārī rāgacarito.


Ñ(III,92): As with sweeping, so too with any action such as washing and dyeing robes, and so on. One of greedy temperament acts skilfully, gently, evenly and carefully.

Gāḷhathaddhavisamakārī dosacarito.


Ñ: One of hating temperament acts tensely, stiffly and unevenly.

Anipuṇabyākulavisamāparicchinnakārī mohacarito.

痴行者则笨拙混乱不平等而无注意的作。[PTS 106]

Ñ: One of deluded temperament acts unskilfully as if muddled, unevenly and indecisively. [106]

Cīvaradhāraṇampi ca rāgacaritassa nātigāḷhaṃ nātisithilaṃ hoti pāsādikaṃ parimaṇḍalaṃ.


Ñ: Also one of greedy temperament wears his robe neither too tightly nor too loosely, confidently and level all round.

Dosacaritassa atigāḷhaṃ aparimaṇḍalaṃ.


Ñ: One of hating temperament wears it too tight and not level all round.

Mohacaritassa sithilaṃ paribyākulaṃ.


Ñ: One of deluded temperament wears it loosely and in a muddled way.

Saddhācaritādayo tesaṃyevānusārena veditabbā, taṃ sabhāgattāti.


Ñ: Those of faithful temperament, etc., should be understood in the same way as those just described, since they are parallel.

Evaṃ kiccato cariyāyo vibhāvaye.


Ñ: This is how the temperaments may be recognized by the actions.

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