Visuddhimagga IV-7

Soṇḍī nāma pāsāṇapokkharaṇī hoti, tattha pānīyatthaṃ mahājano samosarati, nagaravāsīnaṃ rājakulūpakattherānaṃ antevāsikā rajanakammatthāya āgacchanti, tesaṃ bhājanadārudoṇikādīni pucchantānaṃ asuke ca asuke ca ṭhāneti dassetabbāni honti, evaṃ sabbakālampi niccabyāvaṭo hoti.

5.「泉」即石的井泉。为汲饮水,将有许多人集合在那里。又住在城市里为王家亲近的长老的弟子们,为了染衣到这里来,询问关于用具木槽(染衣之具)等,必须指示他们在某处某处。[PTS 120] 如是则常常忙碌了。

Ñ(IV,7): 5. A pond is a rock pool. Numbers of people come there for drinking water. Pupils of city-dwelling elders supported by the royal family come to do dyeing work. When they ask for vessels, wood, tubs, etc., [120] they must be shown where these things are. So he is kept all the time on the alert.

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