Visuddhimagga IV-20



54. Khuddakapalibodhupacchedaṃ katvāti evaṃ patirūpe vihāre viharantena yepissa te honti khuddakapalibodhā, tepi upacchinditabbā.

(六)「破除细障」── 住在适当的寺院中,对于细小障碍,亦得断除。

Ñ(IV,20): Then he should sever the lesser impediments (Ch. III, §28): one living in such a favourable monastery should sever any minor impediments that he may still have,

Seyyathidaṃ, dīghāni kesanakhalomāni chinditabbāni. Jiṇṇacīvaresu daḷhīkammaṃ vā tunnakammaṃ vā kātabbaṃ. Kiliṭṭhāni vā rajitabbāni.


Ñ: that is to say, long head hair, nails, and body hair should be cut, mending and patching of old robes should be done, or those that are soiled should be dyed.

Sace patte malaṃ hoti, patto pacitabbo.


Ñ: If there is a stain on the bowl the bowl should be baked.

Mañcapīṭhādīni sodhetabbānīti.


Ñ: The bed, chair, etc., should be cleaned up.

‘‘Ayaṃ khuddakapalibodhupacchedaṃ katvā’’ti ettha vitthāro.


Ñ: These are the details for the clause 'Then he should sever the lesser impediments'.

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