Visuddhimagga III-98

Dosacaritassa senāsanaṃ nātiuccaṃ nātinīcaṃ chāyūdakasampannaṃ suvibhattabhittithambhasopānaṃ supariniṭṭhitamālākammalatākammanānāvidhacittakammasamujjalasamasiniddhamudubhūmitalaṃ brahmavimānamiva kusumadāmavicitravaṇṇacelavitānasamalaṅkataṃ supaññattasucimanoramattharaṇamañcapīṭhaṃ tattha tattha vāsatthāya nikkhittakusumavāsagandhasugandhaṃ yaṃ dassanamatteneva pītipāmojjaṃ janayati, evarūpaṃ sappāyaṃ.


Ñ(III,98): A suitable resting place for one of hating temperament is not too high or too low, provided with shade and water, with well-proportioned walls, posts and steps, with well-prepared frieze work and lattice work, brightened with various kinds of painting, with an even, smooth, soft floor, adorned with festoons of flowers and a canopy of many-coloured cloth like a Brahmā-god's divine palace, with bed and chair covered with well-spread clean pretty covers, smelling sweetly of flowers, and perfumes and scents set about for homely comfort, which makes one happy and glad at the mere sight of it.

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