Visuddhimagga IV-192

Yathā vā aññattha pahīnāpi sakkāyadiṭṭhiādayo tatiyamaggassa vaṇṇabhaṇanatthaṃ tattha pahīnāti vuttā, evaṃ vaṇṇabhaṇanatthampetassa jhānassetā idha vuttātipi veditabbā.


Ñ(IV,192): Or alternatively, just as, although mistaken view of individuality, etc., have already been abandoned in the earlier paths, they are nevertheless mentioned as abandoned in the description of the third path for the purpose of recommending it (cf. §155), so too these kinds of feeling can be understood as mentioned here for the purpose of recommending this jhāna.

Paccayaghātena vā ettha rāgadosānamatidūrabhāvaṃ dassetumpetā vuttāti veditabbā.


Ñ: Or alternatively, they can be understood as mentioned for the purpose of showing that greed and hate are very far away owing to the removal of their conditions;

Etāsu hi sukhaṃ somanassassa paccayo, somanassaṃ rāgassa.


Ñ: for of these, pleasure (bliss) is a condition for joy, and joy for greed;

Dukkhaṃ domanassassa paccayo, domanassaṃ dosassa.


Ñ: pain is a condition for grief and grief for hate.

Sukhādighātena cassa sappaccayā rāgadosā hatāti atidūre hontīti.


Ñ: So with the removal of pleasure (bliss), etc., greed and hate are very far away since they are removed along with their conditions.

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