Visuddhimagga VI-16



Ñ(VI,16): Why?

Sace hissa susāne amanussasīhabyagghādīnaṃ rūpasaddādianiṭṭhārammaṇābhibhūtassa aṅgapaccaṅgāni vā pavedhenti, bhuttaṃ vā na parisaṇṭhāti, añño vā ābādho hoti.


Ñ: Because if all his limbs are seized with shuddering at the charnel ground, or if his gorge rises when he is confronted with disagreeable objects such as the visible forms and sounds of non-human beings, lions, tigers, etc., or something else afflicts him,

Athassa so vihāre pattacīvaraṃ surakkhitaṃ karissati.


Ñ: then he whom he told will have his bowl and robe well looked after in the monastery,

Dahare vā sāmaṇere vā pahiṇitvā taṃ bhikkhuṃ paṭijaggissati.


Ñ: or he will care for him by sending young bhikkhus or novices to him.

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