Visuddhimagga V-40

101. Ye ca te sattā kammāvaraṇena vā samannāgatā kilesāvaraṇena vā samannāgatā vipākāvaraṇena vā samannāgatā asaddhā acchandikā duppaññā abhabbā niyāmaṃ okkamituṃ kusalesu dhammesu sammattanti vuttā, tesamekassāpekakasiṇepi bhāvanā na ijjhati.


Ñ(V,40): No kasiṇa can be developed by any living being described as follows: 'Beings hindered by kamma, by defilement or by kamma-result, who lack faith, zeal and understanding, will be incapable of entering into the certainty of lightness in profitable states' (Vbh. 341).

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