Visuddhimagga V-28


100. Imesu hi pathavīkasiṇavasena ekopi hutvā bahudhā hotītiādibhāvo, ākāse vā udake vā pathaviṃ nimminitvā padasā gamanaṃ, ṭhānanisajjādikappanaṃ vā, parittaappamāṇanayena abhibhāyatanapaṭilābhoti evamādīni ijjhanti.


Ñ(V,28): Of these, the earth kasiṇa is the basis for such powers as the state described as 'Having been one, he becomes many' (D.i,78), etc., and stepping or standing or sitting on space or on water by creating earth, and the acquisition of the bases of mastery (M.ii,13) by the limited and measureless method.

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