Visuddhimagga VI-22

‘‘So ānisaṃsadassāvī ratanasaññī hutvā cittīkāraṃ upaṭṭhapetvā sampiyāyamāno tasmiṃ ārammaṇe cittaṃ upanibandhati ‘addhā imāya paṭipadāya jarāmaraṇamhā parimuccissāmī’ti.


Ñ(VI,22): 'When he has established reverence for it by seeing its advantages and by perceiving it as a treasure and so come to love it, he anchors his mind upon that object: "Surely in this way I shall be liberated from ageing and death".

So vivicceva kāmehi…pe… paṭhamaṃ jhānaṃ upasampajja viharati.


Ñ: Quite secluded from sense desires, secluded from unprofitable things he enters upon and dwells in the first jhāna ... [seclusion].

Tassādhigataṃ hoti rūpāvacaraṃ paṭhamaṃ jhānaṃ dibbo ca vihāro bhāvanāmayañca puññakiriyavatthu’’nti.


Ñ: He has arrived at the first jhāna of the fine-material sphere. His is a heavenly abiding and an instance of the meritorious action consisting in [meditative] development'.

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