Visuddhimagga V-30

Tejokasiṇavasena dhūmāyanā, pajjalanā, aṅgāravuṭṭhisamuppādanaṃ, tejasā tejopariyādānaṃ, yadeva so icchati tassa ḍahanasamatthatā, dibbena cakkhunā rūpadassanatthāya ālokakaraṇaṃ, parinibbānasamaye tejodhātuyā sarīrajjhāpananti evamādīni ijjhanti.

依于「火遍」,能出烟和燃烧,能降炭雨,以火灭火,[PTS 176] 欲燃则燃,为了要以天眼见东西而作诸光明,般涅盘之时能以火界荼毗其身体,有此等成就。

Ñ(V,30): The fire kasiṇa is the basis for such powers as smoking, flaming, causing showers of sparks, countering fire with fire, ability to burn only what one wants to burn (S,iv,290), [176] causing light for the purpose of seeing visible objects with the divine eye, burning up the body by means of the fire element at the time of attaining nibbāna (MA.iv,196).

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