Visuddhimagga V-24




Notes in Chinese translation:「限定虚空遍」(paricchinnākāsakasiṇa),《解脱道论》「虚空一切入」。

99. Paricchinnākāsakasiṇepi ākāsakasiṇaṃ uggaṇhanto ākāsasmiṃ nimittaṃ gaṇhāti bhittichidde vā tāḷacchidde vā vātapānantarikāya vāti vacanato katādhikārassa tāva puññavato bhittichiddādīsu aññataraṃ disvāva nimittaṃ uppajjati.


Ñ(V,24): Of the limited-space kasiṇa it is said: 'One who is learning the space kasiṇa apprehends the sign in a hole in a wall, or in a keyhole, or in a window opening'. So firstly, when someone has merit, having had previous practice, the sign arises in him when he sees any [such gap as a] hole in a wall.

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